Microsoft has Announced inVokeR as one of Mixed Reality launching title


Hey VR Fans!

We at 8th shore have partnered with Microsoft and inVokeR will be available for Microsoft's Mixed Reality headsets at their launch!

We're very excited to be working with Microsoft to help support the bright future of VR/MR! We hope to see you all there!

inVokeR Patch 0.1.1

Update time!

We've been super happy to see how much everyone is enjoying inVokeR and we've recieved a lot of great feedback so far! We're always looking for more feedback, so please check out the feedback FAQ and help us make inVokeR the best game we can!

Today we're releasing a minor patch, including some UI and tutorial clarity improvements, as well as bug fixes and one important new feature: Player-controlled spell calibration! We've heard your feedback on some spells having trouble being recognized, and this feature will (hopefully!) fix the issue. You can find the new spell calibration button if you go to Settings on the main menu. With this new feature, by casting each spell 50 times, the gestures become calibrated to your particular way of casting the spell, which will significantly increase your spell detection success rate.

Because of this, we very strongly recommend that everyone go through spell calibration!

Here are the detailed notes:


  • Added the ability for players to calibrate spell gestures for vastly increased spell gesture recognition. (Find it in Settings → Spell Calibration!)
  • Replaced player UI with an improved UI with additional indication of player health.
  • Improved wording of first-time tutorial message and added additional message at the end of the "basics" tutorial to draw attention to the fact that there are more tutorials.
  • Added some additional effects on minor actions such as high-fiving a guest.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Rarely, in an online match the client's projectile would not return to their hand.
    • When clearing the Boss Trial tutorial, the "Shapes are Hard" achievement was incorrectly obtained.
    • The "Cool Story, Bro" achievement was not unlocking correctly. For those who have already gone through all the tutorials, completing any tutorial will unlock the achievement.
    • In an online match if the client was Ice Mage and activated their special, the special's hand glowing effect would not wear off, causing the player to be unable to cast spells for the remainder of the match.

Dragon Disciples - China release

Dragon Disciples is now live in China, in partnership with Tencent. Tencent is one of the investment industry leads in Mobile Gaming, and they made a strong bet on us.

We would like to take a step back and thank everyone who has been part of this journey, onboard and offboard. Without your help and support, this would not have been possible. Shoutout to all who contributed their grain of sand to this project, including feedback, QA sessions, brainstorming..., etc. Your encouragement is greatly appreciated!

Distinctive mention to the "Digital Art," "Animation Production," "Fine Arts," "Game Design," "Sound & Music," and "Real-Time Interactive Simulation" departments from DIGIPEN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. DigiPen is a dedicated leader in education and research in interactive computer technologies. Besides, it's also the proud educator of all of our employee grads.

We want this first Milestone to be the beginning of a journey of success and achievement.

Thank you all once again, we truly appreciate your support and encouragement.
8th Shore