Dragon Disciples - China release

Dragon Disciples is now live in China, in partnership with Tencent. Tencent is one of the investment industry leads in Mobile Gaming, and they made a strong bet on us.

We would like to take a step back and thank everyone who has been part of this journey, onboard and offboard. Without your help and support, this would not have been possible. Shoutout to all who contributed their grain of sand to this project, including feedback, QA sessions, brainstorming..., etc. Your encouragement is greatly appreciated!

Distinctive mention to the "Digital Art," "Animation Production," "Fine Arts," "Game Design," "Sound & Music," and "Real-Time Interactive Simulation" departments from DIGIPEN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. DigiPen is a dedicated leader in education and research in interactive computer technologies. Besides, it's also the proud educator of all of our employee grads.

We want this first Milestone to be the beginning of a journey of success and achievement.

Thank you all once again, we truly appreciate your support and encouragement.
8th Shore