Can Jack Black really sing?

It’s kind of unbelievable. Comedian Jack Black is known to many as a singer in the pseudo-serious metal project Tenacious D, but as he stood up to sing the national anthem before a Los Angeles Sparks WNBA game, many approached the performance with managed expectations.

Can Jack Black sing well?

Many of his acting roles also feature him as a musician and singer. In his Cameo video, Black explains that he is not classically trained, although he did sing in his high school choir. … Even without classical training, Black has an award-winning voice and persona that made him relevant in movies, TV, and YouTube.

What is Jack Black’s vocal range?

He is a lighter Spinto Tenor/Full-Lyric Tenor. Skip to 1:22 and you will see he hits a G4 with ease and lots of squillo.

Does Jack Black voice Slappy?

Goosebumps (2015) – Jack Black as Stine, voice of Slappy – IMDb.

How many octaves does Ian Gillan have?

D2 to B5 puts his range at 3 and 3/4 octaves. While this is very impressive, Wikipedia claims his range to extend from E2 to “G above soprano high C, or C6” (that’d be G6, right?) and I’ve seen other unsubstantiated claims that his range at the peak of his ability extended to 5 octaves.

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