Can you do a mystery bet on tab?

Mystery Bets are available on the next race to run and on the feature race of the day.

How does mystery bet work?

A Mystery Bet is a type of bet in horse racing and greyhound racing that takes the guess work out of making selections. A betting agency’s computer will use a regulated algorithm to randomly select runners in popular bet types including quinella, exacta, trifecta and first four and quaddie.

Can you do a multi bet on tab?

The majority of TAB betting options will be allowed in a TAB Multi, however some options will be excluded from either single betting or multiple betting. If so, TAB will identify single only markets for your information. Only fixed odds racing win bets are able to be included as a racing leg.

Can you place Mystery bets on sportsbet?

The $1 Mystery Bet will pay the full dividend, however the runners must finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the correct order. You can place Exacta bets with most bookmakers such as Sportsbet, Ladbrokes and Luxbet, while some bookmakers also offer fixed odds Exacta bets.

What is a 3UP mystery bet?

3UP is an mystery betting product which will give you three bets in one! Your 3UP BET costs $3 and consists of: One $1 Single Win Bet. One $1 Single Exacta Bet.

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What is TAB maximum payout?

TAB outlets pay out a maximum of $10,000 without requesting photo identification. By making five bets, none of which would return more than the $10,000 limit, the punter may have been trying to avoid handing over ID.

What happens if you bet on a horse that gets scratched?

If a horse is scratched, all Win/Place/Show wagers placed via the racing interface will be refunded. (This does not apply to ‘Odds to Win’ bets placed via the sportsbook. On those bets a scratch counts as a loss).

How much do you win on a boxed trifecta?

Trifecta Box Costs:

$1 Trifecta Box with three horses $6 (6 possible combinations)
$1 Trifecta Box with five horses $60 (60 possible combinations)
$1 Trifecta Box with six horses $120 (120 possible combinations)
$1 Trifecta Box with seven horses $210 (210 possible combinations)
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