How does live jackpot work in Mozzartbet?

How does Mozzart live Jackpot work? All bettors who place a bet on a live bet match marked ‘JACKPOT’ qualify for the Jackpot draw. The amount to be won is not fixed. The number of bets placed and the stake amount have no influence on who wins the Jackpot, but all participants have equal chances.

Is there bonus in Mozzart bet jackpot?

Mozzart Super Jackpot bonuses start from 13 correct games. The jackpot contains a total of 16 games. Those getting 13,14,15 and 16 games are rewarded with bonuses, the highest amount being Ksh20 million for those getting 16/16 correct games.

How do I get my bonus on Mozzart?

The bonus awaits you every Monday and it can be yours in a few easy steps:

  1. Log into your account on
  2. Click on the Bonus icon.
  3. Take your bonus.
  4. After receiving the notification, refresh the page.

What is the maximum stake in Mozzart?

The maximum stake per bet is 5,000.00 KES. The maximum amount of winnings that may be paid out to a player is 1,000,000.00 KES.

How do I withdraw my reserved money from Mozzart?


  1. Login into your Mozzart bet account.
  2. Click on ACCOUNT.
  3. Select the WITHDRAW option.
  4. Click on M-PESA WITHDRAWAL.
  5. Enter the desired amount.
  6. Click on WITHDRAW.
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How is Betika jackpot bonus awarded?

Betika Jackpot bonuses are awarded to players who correctly predict 12,13,14,15,16,17 games, that’s for the Mega Jackpot. All those getting 0/17 games are also awarded bonuses. These bonuses are paid depending on the number of players and winners. … For Midweek Jackpot, bonuses are awarded from 12 to 15 games.

Can you withdraw Mozzart bonus?

No, we do not have the CASH OUT option. For more on our promotions visit You can however take advantage of our huge bonuses on Multi bets of 4 games and above including Bonus 1000% and Mozzart Refunds that gives our customers winnings in the event they lose 1 game in their multi-bet.

Does Betika have cash out?

Cash Out is available on selected events, fixtures and markets both pre-match and live, on single and multiple bets. Any stake amount can qualify for a cash out. It is available across all online channels that is mobile apps, browsers and desktop. Bonus Bets and Free Bets do not qualify for cash out.

What happens if a game is postponed in Mozzart bet?

In the event that a ticket has not been paid as predefined, such ticket shall not be counted for Mozzartbet Super Jackpot. …

How much can you withdraw from Mozzart?

Withdrawal can be done for a low amount of Ksh 20 on multiple bets, Ksh 49 on the single bets, and the maximum amount withdrawn is Ksh 10,000,000.

What is the maximum payout in Betika?


Maximum Bet Amount: The maximum betting amount for a Jackpot bet is 100 Betika Points + Ksh 10. Maximum Bet Amount for Live bets: The maximum betting amount for a live bet is Kshs 10,000. Between 1:00 AM – 8:00 AM it’s Kshs 5,000.

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How much can you withdraw from Betika?

NOTE: The minimum amount of money you can withdraw from Betika is Ksh. 50 and the Maximum amount you are able to withdraw from Betika in a day is Ksh. 70,000.

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