What books does the lawyer read in the bet?

When he initially agrees to the bet, the lawyer is young and callow, and as such the first books he reads are “light,” selected to pass the time.

What books did the lawyer read in the bet?

In the last two years of his confinement, the lawyer reads indiscriminately, choosing Shakespeare, then a medical manual, then philosophy or theology.

How many books did the lawyer read in the bet?

Six hundred volumes; a letter stating that the lawyer wrote it in six different languages.

What did the lawyer learn in the bet?

In Chekhov’s “The Bet,” the banker and the lawyer both learn the futility of their wager, as they have found that life and its conditions differ greatly from their more youthful perceptions. The lawyer learns that his sweeping statement that life on any terms is better than death is not true.

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What kind of books does the prisoner ask for at first in the bet?

The only books he knows to ask for are Russian classics he has only heard about. By the sixth year, the prisoner has exhausted works in Russian and begins learning foreign languages in order to be able to read great works in other languages, as well as to lose himself in study.

Why does the banker call the bet cursed?

In “The Bet” by Anton Chekhov, the banker calls the bet “cursed” because when he originally made the bet with the lawyer, he was extremely wealthy, and now he no longer is. He had millions of dollars fifteen years ago when he and the lawyer bet two million dollars, and that two million was nothing to him.

Which does the banker consider more human?

The banker values personal pride, power, material possessions, and money. In all things, the banker is a powerful man. He would choose the death penalty as being the most humane simply because it would be better than dying by degrees.

Why does the lawyer say he will stay not five but fifteen years?

The lawyer was very cocky, greedy, and his ego(hubris) made him add ten years to the bet:”I bet I could stay not just five years but fifteen.” (92). This shows how much he wanted to prove he was right because he spent fifteen years for the same price.

What is the moral of the story the bet?

The moral of Anton Chekhov’s “The Bet” is that materialism and material wealth ultimately means nothing.

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What will happen to the banker if the lawyer wins the bet?

If he pays the lawyer for winning the bet, he will be ruined. His only escape from his tragedy would be to kill the lawyer. When the banker opens the door into the cell, he discovers the lawyer now looking like a skeleton. He discovers a letter and reads it, but soon realizes the lawyer plans to lose.

What does the lawyer realize at the end of the bet?

The lawyer learns that his sweeping statement that life on any terms is better than death is not true. In the end of the story, “The Bet,” the lawyer despairs of life, and he reneges on the wager with banker.

Why did the lawyer looks terrible and much older than his 40 years?

In “The Bet”, the lawyer looks terrible, much older than his 40 years. Why? He hasn’t seen any sunlight, hasn’t been with any friends, been in confinement for 15 years. He might be stressed from it.

What motivates the lawyer to participate in the bet?

After all, his main motivation was trifling and impulsive. … The lawyer, on the other hand, is motivated by his belief, which he expresses eloquently the night of the bet and by the dream of winning a fortune.

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