Frequent question: What do you use gold bars for in Big Fish Casino?

Ever wondered what GOLD is used for? You can use gold to buy cool gifts from the Gift Shop for yourself or others! Just click on your own or on someone else’s profile and press the “Give Gifts” button to check out all the items available in the Gift Shop.

How do you get gold in Big Fish Casino?

There are a few ways to get gold bars in Big Fish Casino. The fastest and easiest way is by purchasing, but you can also get free gold bars for free. The other ways to get gold bars for free are through leveling, freebie links, and playing specific slot machines.

How do you get free gold and chips on Big Fish Casino?

How do I get free chips?

  1. Return Bonus – You automatically get free chips each day that you open Big Fish Casino. …
  2. Daily Friend Bonus – Add friends to get more Daily Bonus chips. …
  3. Chip Bonus – Get free chips every 30 minutes. …
  4. Daily Spin – Spin once each day when you first open the game.
  5. Videos – Watch videos to get chips.
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How do you beat the slot machines in Big Fish Casino?

The strategy for leveling up faster and easier in Big Fish Casino as described above is this:

  1. Understand how you get levels.
  2. Bet minimum.
  3. Spam the spin button.
  4. Do not use auto-spin unless you are playing on a 1-line slot machine.
  5. Play in a 1-line slot machine as soon as you have unlocked one.

What is the fastest way to get chips in Big Fish Casino?

Chips, Gold, and Tickets

Earn free chips every 30 minutes by selecting the ‘Free Chips’ button in the Lobby (A). Make purchases to earn VIP points and increase your VIP tier and you can increase this bonus.

How do you get free coins on jackpot slots?

There are several ways to earn free coins:

  1. Daily Spin – Spin once each day when you first open Jackpot Magic Slots.
  2. Return Bonus and Friend Bonus – You automatically get free coins each day that you log in to Jackpot Magic Slots. …
  3. Coin Bonus – Get free coins every 4 hours. …
  4. Having your Notifications turned on.

Is Big Fish Casino free?

Choose from over 100 of the world’s BEST FREE social casino-style slots and games: … Play all of your favorite virtual Slot & social casino-style Games for FREE! At Big Fish Casino, we’re all about SOCIAL play! – Join daily tournaments to play against friends or compete with new rivals.

Is Big Fish Casino rigged?

You do receive free fake money at first, but the game is so rigged and so hard to win you can’t survive long. The site is about getting to get you to pay real money to buy fake money to keep playing.

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How do you play jackpot slots?

Jackpot Magic Slots gives you the chance to WIN BIG! Play live with your friends and win HUGE jackpots.

Likes, Gifts, and Friends

  1. Select a player’s avatar (A) and then ‘View’ (B) to see their profile.
  2. Liking a player is an offer of congratulations or thanks to that particular player.
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