Frequent question: Who is the CEO of Crown Casino?

Crown Resorts Ltd.’s new Chief Executive Officer, Steve McCann, broke down with emotion on the witness stand at an inquiry into the company’s Melbourne casino as he laid out his plans to transform the troubled gaming group.

How much does the CEO of Crown make?

On top of his $2.5 million salary, there are long and short-term incentives. The precise details of these schemes haven’t been set, but assuming he achieves the mid-point of both, he’d make some $3.25 million in incentive payments every year.

Who is Peter crinis?

Peter Crinis joined Crown Resorts Melbourne in 1997 and has been the chief operating officer for the past 10 years. He moved to Sydney as chief executive officer of chief operating officer in January ahead of the official (non-gaming) launch of their Barangaroo site.

Who is Steve McCann?

Steve McCann (born 3 February 1983) is an Australian BMX rider. McCann turned pro at the age of 16 in 1999. McCann guest-starred alongside fellow Australian extreme sportsman, Renton Millar in an episode of Australian soap opera Neighbours in 2002.

Who is CEO of Lend Lease?

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