How Mozzart jackpot is shared?

The amount of the Mozzart Super Daily Jackpot prize is fixed to 20 million Kshs and will be divided/shared equally between the number of winners. Players who correctly predict 13, 14 and 15 pairs will be entitled to a cash prize which is also divided/shared equally between the number of winners.

Does Mozzart have jackpot bonuses?

Mozzart Super Jackpot bonuses start from 13 correct games. The jackpot contains a total of 16 games. Those getting 13,14,15 and 16 games are rewarded with bonuses, the highest amount being Ksh20 million for those getting 16/16 correct games.

What happens if you lose two game in Mozzart?

At Mozzart Bet every time you Lose ONE game in your multi bet of 4 games and above, you will get a Mozzart Refund if your total won odds are 29 and above.

Who is the owner of Mozzart bet?

Dejan Cirovic – CEO – Mozzart Bet | LinkedIn.

Is Mozzart bet legit?

Despite starting its international presence in 2019, Mozzart Bet is an established bookmaker with more than 20 years of experience. All in all, Mozzart is a trusted sportsbook that is more suitable for recreational betting at this point. …

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Does Betlion daily jackpot have bonuses?

The daily Jackpot does not have bonuses.

How do I claim my Mozzart bonus?

The bonus awaits you every Monday and it can be yours in a few easy steps:

  1. Log into your account on
  2. Click on the Bonus icon.
  3. Take your bonus.
  4. After receiving the notification, refresh the page.

What happens if you lose one game in a multi bet?

Betting sites may offer a bonus bet refund on losing multi bets, to eligible residents, where just one leg fails to win. Refunds for losing multi bets is a popular form of betting promotion used to encourage existing customers to place bets.

What happens when you lose one game in Odibet?

Cashback if your first bet of the day loses

Odibets has a 50% stake refund on your first cash bet of the day if you used Ksh 30/= and above to place it, and you lost the bet. This refund, however, is on stakes of up to Ksh 200/=.

What happens when you lose one game in a multi bet?

Yes, Mozzart Refund gives you an opportunity to WIN in the event that a predicted outcome disappoints you. If you place a multi-bet of a minimum 4 games, in the event you lose one game, without counting the odd of that lost game in your bet slip, you will win a Mozzart refund depending on your stake and odds.

Who owns SportyBet?

Sudeep Dalamal Ramnani is the Founder and CEO of Sportybet and made Nwankwo Kanu as brand Ambassador. SportyBet is an international sports betting and real-money gaming operator that delivers an omni-channel entertainment experience in regulated emerging markets.

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What is the maximum stake in Mozzart?

The maximum stake per bet is 5,000.00 KES. The maximum amount of winnings that may be paid out to a player is 1,000,000.00 KES.

Does Mozzart bet have cash out?

No, we do not have the CASH OUT option. For more on our promotions visit You can however take advantage of our huge bonuses on Multi bets of 4 games and above including Bonus 1000% and Mozzart Refunds that gives our customers winnings in the event they lose 1 game in their multi-bet.

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