What do blackjack leaves look like?

The leaves are 4 to 8 inches long, 3-lobed, bristle-tipped, taper to a rounded base, obovate in outline, thick petioles less than 1/2 inch long, top is dark yellow-green, beneath is paler with a tawny colored down. Acorns are 3/4 inch long, with a shallow cup shaped like a goblet, and somewhat hairy.

Are blackjack oaks good trees?

Don’t let it fool you though, blackjack can make for a beautiful shade tree and grows quite large when water is adequate. It is never a fast-growing tree, but on good sites growth rates may be nearly double that of post oak.

What does a blackjack oak tree look like?

A small to medium-sized oak, 30-50 ft, with bristle-lobed leaves that are shiny on top & rusty-yellow hairy beneath. The short, nearly black trunk divides into many dense, contorted limbs, bark dark, furrowed; dead branches persistent.

Is blackjack oak a red oak?

Quercus marilandica, commonly called blackjack oak, is a small to medium sized deciduous oak of the red oak group that typically grows to a compact 20-40′ tall. It often appears in a scruffy, irregular form in poor, dry sites. It is native from New Jersey to Missouri south to Florida and Texas.

Is blackjack oak a red or white oak?

It is one of the “red” oaks, and thus features tiny bristles on the tips of young leaves, as well as acorns which remain on the tree for two seasons before falling. Species in the “white” oak group lack leaf bristles, and their acorns mature in one season.

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How long do blackjack oaks live?

On poor xeric sites or in drier climates, blackjack oak is rarely taller than 30 feet (9 m) [49,50]. On better sites, it grows 45 to 50 feet (14-15 m) in height [15,49]. Blackjack oak has lived to be as old as 230 years in Oklahoma [23].

Is blackjack oak good for smoking meat?

Red oak gives off a sweeter smoke than white oak. Although still a hardwood, red oak isn’t as hard as white oak in general, giving it a shorter burn time. Red oak makes a fine grilling wood, and the smoke is especially suited to ribs and beef. … Blackjack Oak is traditionally associated with Oklahoma-Style BBQ.

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