Can you clear resulted bets on sportsbet?

To clear your bet history, go to the ‘My Action’ tab and then click the settings symbol in the top right corner. From there, all you need to do is click ‘Clear Pick History’.

How do I delete a resulted bet?

Swipe left on the bet (i.e. horizontal gesture, from right to left) in order to activate the “Delete” button. Once the “Delete” button appears, tap it to delete the bet from the betslip. Tap on . Once the “Delete” button appears, tap it in order to delete the bet from the betslip.

How do I delete my bet history on Odibets?

Those placing their bets on Odibets will access this feature by logging into their Odibets accounts and clicking on ‘My Bets‘ – bets they want to delete and proceed to clicking ‘Delete bet’.

Can you cancel bets?

The customer is responsible for ensuring that their wager is correct before placing it, with most bookmakers saying that a bet ‘cannot be cancelled once placed‘. A bet is essentially a contact, you agree to pay a stake and they agree to pay you winnings if that scenario happens.

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What does result void mean on sportsbet?

Definition of Void Bet

In sports betting, a “void bet” means that a bet will no longer pay out and you will get your original wager returned to you.

Can you see how much you’ve spent on sportsbet?

How do I view & download my Transaction History? You can view and download your transactions based on type and date.

How much does it cost to withdraw 100 from Odibet?

The minimum withdrawal amount is 100 Kshs. Please note that additional carrier fees apply when processing withdrawal requests to your account. The maximum payout shall be 1,000,000 Kshs on any given ticket.

How much can you withdraw from Odibet?

Odibets withdrawals are processed instantly and deposited into your Mpesa account. You can only withdraw the amount exceeding Kshs. 100 and limited to Kshs. 1,000,000.

How do you beat Odileague?

Here are easy steps to follow and win big on Odileague:

  1. First have a scope of the results of the season from matchday 1 then analyse the results.
  2. Look at the odds range. …
  3. Pick only two games at a time then stake them.
  4. When picking, consider teams in the mid-table.

At the moment, online sports wagering is not legal in California.

Why the bet can be refunded?

Fortunately, or unfortunately (depending on your perspective), bookmakers are aware of the chances that players take to claim a refund. If you can prove that your account had fraudulent activity, such as someone else using your account, then you’re entitled to a refund.

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Can you cancel a TAB bet?

All Tote bets placed with cash can only be changed or cancelled within two minutes of being sold. This two minute window allows you to check your ticket(s) and rectify any errors.

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