Is there a 5 sided dice?

It has been known for 2500 years or more that there are only 5 regular polyhedral: tetrahedron (4 faces), cube (six faces), octahedron (8 faces), dodecahedron (12 faces), and icosahedron (20 faces). This is why there are only 5 types of dice used in table top games. So if you want 5, you’re out of luck.

Is there a D5 dice?

D5 – 5-Sided Dice.

What is a five sided die?

Rarer variations

Faces/ sides Shape
5 Triangular prism
Capped 5-sided long die
6 Capped 6-sided long die
7 Pentagonal prism

Is there a 1000 sided die?

Roll d1000

A d1000 of 1000 sides can perfectly solve a conflict at one time, while at another time what we need is another type of dice.

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