What does a reverse bet pay?

An action reverse bet allows you to bet on two to eight games, similarly to a parlay wager, but the wagers are placed conditionally on the one prior to it. Meaning your first bet will need to win for your second bet to be placed, and then your second bet will need to win for your third to be placed, and so on.

How does win reverse bet work?

In a win reverse bet, the initial wagers within the if bets must have action AND win. If the first game is graded as no action, the secondary bet is not placed. In an action reverse bet, the secondary wagers of the if bets are automatically placed if the initial bets have no action.

What does a reverse bet mean?

A reverse bet is where you are able to put two or more if bets together. In this, your action is covered both ways, kind of like boxing an exacta. Reverse bets can just be two teams in a bet, or they can also be three teams, or even four teams. … If both of your teams lose – you will lose all $110 of your wager.

Are reverse bets good?

These bets are similar to parlays, in that they involve making multiple selections, but they are lower risk and can still offer a return even if you don’t get every selection right. They can be great options if you want to bet on the result of more than one match without risking too much of your bankroll.

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What is a reverse payout?

What is a payout reversal? In cases where funds have been paid to the wrong bank account, a Custom or Express platform can request the payout to be reversed. A payout reversal is the action of reversing a single payout for the entire amount from the connected bank account back to the connected account balance.

What happens if I lose a bet?

If you lose your bet, the bookmaker keeps your stake. If you win, then the bookmaker has to pay out your winnings. It can be a lot more than your original stake. This is same as laying a bet.

What is reverse puck line?

The NHL puck line is always -1.5 goals for the favorite and +1.5 goals for the underdog. If you bet the favorite on a puck line, you’re betting they will win by two goals or more. If you bet the underdog on a puck line, you’re betting they won’t lose by two goals or more. It’s also known as the “reverse puck line.”

What is a 7 point teaser?

The more points used to tease lines, the less the payout will be. A six-point teaser might return 10-11, while a 6.5-point teaser only returns 10-12, and a seven-point teaser returns 10-13.

What is a if bet win only?

Details. Definition. Win Only If Bets allow players to wager on multiple matchups, moving to the next wager if the previous wager wins. The subsequent wager amount can be no more than total winnings from the previous wager. If the player loses any bet, all remaining bets are off.

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What is reverse parlay?

A reverse bet is similar to a parlay bet but is actually a set of if bets where action goes in both forward and reverse order. … If we did so in a $100 2-team parlay we’ll be paid $264.64 if both teams win, and we will lose our full $100 stake if we go 1-1 or 0-2.

What is reverse football bet?

Reverse bets are types of bets that contain two If Win, Tie or Cancel bets which may be sides or totals. If the initial reverse bet wins, ties or cancels, you will then have action on your second reverse bet.

What is if win or tie bet?

In an If-win bet your first wager must win in order for the next wager to have action. If there is a push or a loss on any selection in your If-win bet, then the action stops there. In an If-action bet a win or a push (tie) or a no-action game (cancelation, postponement etc) will result in action on the next selection.

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