Best answer: How do you get the jackpot mystery box in subway surfers?

Enter the game and open the Shop. Start opening mystery boxes – tap as fast as you can and the jackpot mystery box should appear somewhere between spending 5000 and 10000 coins.

What is the cheat code for subway surfer?

Subway Surfers redeem codes can be used to get coins and exclusive in-game items for free so you can unlock power ups and special gear to go further every time in the game.

Expired Subway Promo Codes.

OGK3BEY 10000 coins
EGV28EP 9900 coins
BACK2MOSCOW 9001 coins
LATKR32 9000 coins

What is stay low in subway surfers?

Stay Low is a hoverboard upgrade. When equipped, it makes the character constantly stay down when running with a hoverboard, avoiding obstacles that need to be rolled underneath.

What is the longest run in Subway Surfers?

5,095,140 points * Challenge It!

Does subway surfer ever end?

Every single day, about 27,000,000 people play Subway Surfers. This translates into roughly 130,000,000 people playing each month! The tracks featured in the game are the longest train tracks in the world. That’s because they are virtually infinite and never end.

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